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Xcel Energy Loan Programs Available

There's a better way to heat your home and save on your energy bill this coming season. 
Switch to natural gas this summer.  Here's why:
  • Spend Less - You can save up to 65% on your home energy bills this coming winter when you switch from either fuel oil or propane.  And you'll eliminate fuel tank rental or maintenance costs.

  • Natural Gas Is There Whenever You Need It - No need to order natural gas, haggle over the price, worry about running out, or arrange for delivery. Just turn on the heat or hot water.

  • Get Plenty of Rebates - We offer rebates that can ease the cost of switching your heating system to natural gas and for new high-efficiency gas appliances. Plus you may qualify for a $200 gas service construction credit.

  • Loan Programs Available - There are low interest loan programs available to help with funding for the switch to natural gas.  For more information, please contact Home Performance Solutions at 612-870-6750.

Xcel Energy has: