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Video: Energy Efficiency in 90 Seconds.

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HPS loves this clever video from the Natural Resources Defense Council because it explains how energy efficiency in the home can help save the planet, while saving homeowners money in the process.

Video: Allstate Insurance Now Promoting Home Performance?

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Is Allstate now promoting Home Performance? 

Well, not exactly, but this TV ad nonetheless demonstrates the importance of water heater safety and regularly checking your home's combustion equipment.  Don't invite CHAOS to visit you!

Getting Rid of Hidden Heat Sources in the Home.

Hidden heat sources in the home contribute to uncomfortably hot living spaces, as well as unnecessarily high energy bills, throughout the summer. Simple fixes like switching to energy efficient lighting and insulating water pipes can make a world of difference.

Video: The Interconnected House

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This is the house that Jack built.  But it should have been Jill, because she understands building science.

Video: What is a Home Energy Assessment?

This is what to expect during a home energy assessment.