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Mold and Moisture

Mold is everywhere.  Mold is alive if food and water are provided.  Mold spores can get in lungs and cause problems.  Mold can be in bathrooms, basements and crawl spaces, if they are damp.  Leaking sinks, drip pans, roofs and air conditioners can provide all the moisture that mold needs.  Furnaces back drafting carbon monoxide into your home can cause excess humidity.  If you have been diagnosed with asthma and/or allergies or have a runny nose, wheezing, coughing or headaches and it all goes away when you are not home, you may have an indoor air quality problem.  An energy efficiency audit can help you pinpoint the problem.

At Home Performance Solutions, an auditor will take into account the interconnectedness of homes, and the relationships between each of the home's components as they set out to correct these moisture and mold problems.  In accord with a holistic approach, we will assess and then address any of these potential problems within a home.