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  • HIGH ENERGY BILLS - Air leaks in your home, as well as inadequate insulation, dramatically increase your energy bills.

  • ICE DAMS - When warm air leaks into your attic snow can melt, refreeze, and form ice that can damage your roof, causing interiro water leaks.

  • STALE INDOOR AIR - Stagnant air contributes to negative health effects, including allergies and asthma.

  • WASTEFUL FURNACE AND WATER HEATER - These can be replaced with much safer, quieter, and more efficient systems, including renewable energy options.

  • OLD AND COSTLY LIGHTING AND APPLICANCES - We will determine which appliances and lighting are most cost effective to replace.

  • WATER AND HUMIDITY PROBLEMS - Water leaks and high humidity can cause mold growth and window condensation.

We address common home energy issues using a whole house approach and the latest building performance equipment.